Sunday, March 27, 2011

happy 1/2 us :)

Addison and I made our 3rd crazy, "can we really do this?" decision last week.
#1 Getting married. 
#2 Going to London. 
#3 Buying a really nice camera.
 Gahhh! Look at it's beauty! We adore our child already.
We've been experimenting with it every second since we got it yesterday afternoon.
We went on a lovely date with our Landy yesterday. (where we got many chances to practice)
We love Landy so much. He's so great to us. He doesn't even mind hanging out with us boring married people.
We started off the night at Paradise Bakery. YUM
We then saw, Tangled, again :)
For dessert we went to, Orange Leaf. Our new favorite frozen yogurt place! We highly recommend it. And it's right in Bountiful! Thank you Mickey Pace for suggesting it.
I recommend the lemon with fresh raspberries, and cheesecake with brownie bits!
Addison recommends cake batter with reese's, and dole pineapple with fresh raspberries and mango/passion fruit bobas (the little fish egg looking things)!


Shelby Gene said...

Yay! I love awesome cameras! :)

Elizabeth said...

That's a great picture of you two! haha!!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love you both! Thanks again for out date night last night. It was great. Its like filling the bre and add canteen so when youre gone for the summer i won't have to be in so much shock haha

Bailee said...

I'm jealous of your cool new camera! My dad has one and I play with it all the time. They're so fun. Love the pics!

TyandMar said...

Nice choice on the camera! :)
You must take us to this yummy frozen yogurt place. Yum!!!

dave + kirst said...

and we were no invited why?? :( i LOVE yummy things!