Friday, March 18, 2011


About 6 months ago I received an email from my mother. It was a forward confirming her reservation for a hotel room in Moab for this weekend. She said, "wanna come? I'll let you and Addison sleep in a bed together!" haha, it was a little shocking then as an engaged couple! You see, growing up as the youngest of six and single for much of my siblings married lives, we vacationed a lot...but I was always the one on the rollaway, or the floor. 

Now, on this small weekend vacation, Addison and I have claimed the bed first!
A big victory for me :)
Yeah, so what if my older sister that decided to come after us is preggo?

So we're off to Moab for the weekend! Good luck in the half marathon mama Julie!!

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Anonymous said...

You said Older sister is preggo and I was thinking Melissa or Em are having another baby? Haha, Its hard to remember Kirsten is Older--I feel like we all kind of fall into the same age group--haha.
Have fun in Moab! tell momma julie to break a leg! --But not really because she needs them to run.