Thursday, March 31, 2011

the definition of "guts".

Today, I did it. 
Something I've been thinking about for a while now.
Now Addison has longer hair than I do.
Don't worry, we got a picture :)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

happy 1/2 us :)

Addison and I made our 3rd crazy, "can we really do this?" decision last week.
#1 Getting married. 
#2 Going to London. 
#3 Buying a really nice camera.
 Gahhh! Look at it's beauty! We adore our child already.
We've been experimenting with it every second since we got it yesterday afternoon.
We went on a lovely date with our Landy yesterday. (where we got many chances to practice)
We love Landy so much. He's so great to us. He doesn't even mind hanging out with us boring married people.
We started off the night at Paradise Bakery. YUM
We then saw, Tangled, again :)
For dessert we went to, Orange Leaf. Our new favorite frozen yogurt place! We highly recommend it. And it's right in Bountiful! Thank you Mickey Pace for suggesting it.
I recommend the lemon with fresh raspberries, and cheesecake with brownie bits!
Addison recommends cake batter with reese's, and dole pineapple with fresh raspberries and mango/passion fruit bobas (the little fish egg looking things)!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


In Addison and I's quest to come out on the positive side of London financially, we have been donating plasma twice a week. Now, I'm not going to pretend that each visit doesn't get you a little squemy, but it also is kind of therapeutic? When you go to donate plasma, they take you back at first for a finger prick, make sure your weight, plasma level, etc are at a good place, and ask you a few questions. Then you wait for a few more minutes and they take you back for the actual donating. You get your own little bed and cubbie, and set up your arm rest. They come hook you up, and you sit for 35-60 minutes donating! We girls only take about 35 minutes due to our thinner blood. You go in about 5 minute increments of pumping your arm, and resting while the blood is pumped back into your system, and the plasma is filtered out and collected. As Addison and I have been talking about it, we've come to really enjoy and appreciate our time in the center. It's not often that you're forced to sit for a few minutes of your day and just ponder and relax. It should happen more often I guess!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

spring break

Spring break was a success.
We started off the week with a date...since it had been a while... We went to one of our favorite places, Rumbi! We love the hula salad.
If you haven't had their sweet potato fries, you are missing out!
I have been re-decorating my dad's optometrist office, and so at a recent trip to Ikea, and with Harry Potter fresh on my mind, I found something...
You've got it! A mandrake! Haha :)

We got back from a small weekend trip to Moab-cheering my mother on at the 1/2 marathon. We had a blast! Way to go mom! Not many people can say their mother's run 59 races...but I can :)

It was a bit windy!

Friday, March 18, 2011


About 6 months ago I received an email from my mother. It was a forward confirming her reservation for a hotel room in Moab for this weekend. She said, "wanna come? I'll let you and Addison sleep in a bed together!" haha, it was a little shocking then as an engaged couple! You see, growing up as the youngest of six and single for much of my siblings married lives, we vacationed a lot...but I was always the one on the rollaway, or the floor. 

Now, on this small weekend vacation, Addison and I have claimed the bed first!
A big victory for me :)
Yeah, so what if my older sister that decided to come after us is preggo?

So we're off to Moab for the weekend! Good luck in the half marathon mama Julie!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Disappointments...

Lately, I've been revisiting the Harry Potter novels. I began with #6 for no apparent reason, and I forgot how much I adore them. Now, I know as there are so many fans, that it must have been extremely difficult to cast the movies correctly in everyone's minds. 
I absolutely love the movies for so many reasons, but I do believe they made 2 horrible, and crucial mistakes when it came to casting:
 Now, this isn't what all of you think. I don't have a crush on Daniel Radcliffe. But for anyone who has read the books, this girl's interpretation is completely contrary to the books! She acts like an awkward, expressionless mouse!
I mean, does anyone remember this odd (yet supposedly pivotal) moment?
I have never seen her appeal-she is supposed to be dating all of these popular people... I seriously don't understand the direction they're giving her, but give the girl some make-up, or tell her to smile once in a while!
I know he must have it rough, having followed in Richard Harris' footsteps. But hello! Why does he always have to be so upset, sarcastic, and angry all the time!? In the books, he is an absolute optimist...
Richard Harris had it right...I miss hiss comforting warmth and security especially in the darker movies. 
Lucky for me, he's not around for the 7th movies. :)
I am glad they'd figured out how to style Michael Gambon's beard better though :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Year of the Baby (cont...)

Baby Zuzu! She's adorable.
We also got a visit from baby Louis-who is becoming more and more expressive every time we see him!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Year of the Baby

The Briggs family is definitely pulling it's weight in the baby department this year.
Two weeks ago Maryann (far left) had beautiful Marty Alice.
And she's doing so well! Emma (second to the left on top picture) had her gorgeous baby this past week, and we get to see her today!! Zina Jane (goes by Zuzu) Hurray! We can't wait. 
We are so excited for our cousins, and especially Kirsten/Dave's baby boy(far right on top picture).
I'm so proud of all of my sisters-what wonderful examples they are to us. We love you!
Addison's new to all these nieces and nephews (lovingly known as the "niblings"), and he was born to be with little kids in my opinion. They all love uncle Addison.

Friday, March 11, 2011

So Grateful....

So, this past week I've gained a testimony of what I like to call, "The Jesus Principle". After you do everything you possibly can, the Lord makes up for the rest. Addison has another name for it, it's his motto for life really, and those of you who know Addison know that he lives by this completely. 
"Do good, trust God, and don't worry."
Now I've got to start trusting that Addisons' right...sometimes ;)

All I can say is that Addison and I are two newlywed college art students who are going to London for 6 weeks debt free.
I love fafsa, my mom, and my husband.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Royal Wedding

Addison and I are leaving to London April 26th. The Royal Wedding is the 29th. Convinced that we will be invited, and knowing the dress code (Women: hats/gloves, Men: leisure suit), we have begun our search for my perfect hat

Here's how we've done so far:
This actually was for my peacock-inspired wedding, but better late than never.

But our absolute favourite is:

I think Kate and William won't have a choice but to invite us after they see me.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The late night crazies

Okay so last night at about 3:23am I awoke to a bug crawling on my face. After a flung it to it's death. I turned to Addison in the need for some comfort. I exclamed what happened and he held me and and whispered words of assurance then he held my head sweetly and said, "I know what to do. I will take you across the ocean."

Um, what? When I questioned him about what this meant he simply shook his head knowingly.

As of this morning he has no recollection of this incident. But after giving it some thought later on in the afternoon, addison claims he was dreaming of jesus.

Love from brother

"Nowadays it seems the norm is to get established in life and then get married. Or to expect a very speedy establishment once married. This has not been the norm for long. It used to be the couples got married and overtime became established together. It is these poor but madly in love years that can be so crucial to a relationship years later. Don't squander what will be recalled as 'the good ol' days'. These poor years are not worth stressing out about or being upset over--ever. Just laugh off the $20 is the bank and remember you are in love and what the bigger picture will be. However while doing this stay in the moment. Remember this moment. And often reflect back to this time."
---Landon Cole Welch

I love you brother!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

marriage demeanor...?

So lately I've been told, "you look different!", "you act different since you got married, you're much more solemn now", "you look so tired", etc... At first I thought it was just the new haircut thing, but after the "acting different" comment, I'm beginning to think otherwise! I was starting feel really low about it, but my mother-in-law made me feel much better! She asked Addison a few days ago, "So, does everyone ask you now why you're so tired?" YES!! She explained that she got the same thing for like a year after her and Wayne were married. She came to the conclusion that you just have new weights on your shoulders and that marriage should come with a new level of maturity. With all this saving up for London, you can't imagine the things we're doing to earn money! Commuting to Park City everyday, detailing cars, driving to Logan to deliver bookshelves, donating plasma, house-sitting, cleaning houses, battling FAFSA, borrowing, driving ppl to the airport, judging debate's crazy, but worth it! So with all of this work, on top of school, oh yeah, and teching a show, it's no wonder we're beat! Yet, believe me, Addison doesn't think of me any more maturely after living with me for a couple months now! But I just thought it was interesting. 

So here is proof (hopefully) of our failing maturity.
 Addison, as "Auntie Em"-The Wizard of Oz
 Me, as "Lady Mac".
A smooch for Voldy :)
(I hope you all know that's from Harry Potter)