Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Off to LA in the morn

What an interesting semester Add and I have had this semester. Hopefully things will cool down a bit after this week...then on to earning lots of moola for London! Ha...say goodbye to all our savings! But we just closed a show, "Anything Goes", on Saturday-Addison (the lead) was incredible, and just got better and better with every night! We are on crew for a show going to ACTF-a college theatre festival, being held in LA this year! So we leave on a very long bus ride at 7 in the morning-wish us luck! I also have the opportunity to compete at the festival for an Irene Ryan Scholarship. I was nominated for "Five Carols For Christmas" back in November. As cool of an opportunity as it is, it's not just a walk in the park. You prepare 3 rounds of material (Although, most do not make it to the 2nd round). You have a partner for the first two rounds (mine of course is Addison), and the last round is a monologue. One scene may be a music scene, so we are doing South Pacific of course :) (my dream role) So as great as 70 degree weather will be this week, it comes with a lot of work. 

But we are excited for the adventure.
Here's some more pics from the wedding...
 My beautiful, lovely, perfect, scrumptious twenty dollar cake! I adore it.
 The nummy hot chocolate bar.
 The perfect wedding shoes, next to the most wonderfully made (by a 90 year old) bouquet. Hooray for Skyline Flowers-I will recommend them till the day I die!

 We really did have a homemade wedding. Addison and Momma Melinda handmade each of these boutineers-customized for each guy!
 DIVINE mints with our initials! Our thank you on the way out.
 My bridesmaids all had different peacock hairpins :)

Addison and I designed our centerpieces ourselves...we just kind of put all the things we loved together in a collection of vases (found at the DI, Taipan, All-A-Dollar...wherever!) The windmills are compliments of my sista Kirsten-they really added the splash of color they needed!
 YUM-always have Kneaders cater. They're awesome, and ever-delectable.
 These were originally ducks, but we asked Kneaders to make some birds...with some kind of peacock splash-they took that and ran with it. Go Mason.

Bon Voyage till next week!


Aussiemuminthekitchen said...

One word...Gorgeous. Oh and two more...GOOD LUCK!

Elizabeth said...

Those bird cookies were so good! Hooray for Kneaders! I hope you guys have fun in LA! I can't wait to hear all about it! Love you both!