Thursday, February 3, 2011

dream life

Hey- It's Add

I was just thinking this morning. 
Bre and I woke up early after a late night at the show, got ready for school, drove in the freezing cold up to Weber State, looked in vain for a parking spot (don't even get us started on the horrible parking) eventually just parked illegally to run into class and not be late.  it's a daily routine that becomes mundane and tiresome.

All of this was running through my mind, as I look over at my wife
Gluing a peacock feather to her face...
and it hit me (as I looked into the mirror to apply fake blood to a tiger scratch across my face).

I thought about everyone else on campus who were taking math tests, studying to cure cancer or the common cold, counting electrons, totting up numbers and such- and we are living our dream!

"All the non dreamers in the world need to be kicked in the teeth and locked up in a box of sad."-Jim Christian


Melwel said...

THAT"S SO RIGHT!!! Love the pics....Cherish these times!

Anonymous said...

How cool. Love the peacock and tiger look. Very hot. Can you say hello you two will have the two coolest halloween costumes ever! Sheesh. Miss you and love you both.

Jill said...

Hey you guys were wonderful the other night! We had to leave right after your show, so we missed you when you came out. We laughed alot! It's a new favorite now.