Monday, January 31, 2011

Wedding Photos

Well, we finally got our wedding photos back! We are so incredibly thrilled with how they turned out.
Here are some of our favorites of the temple pictures:

 Mary Poppins moment? YES.

 We finally got a great picture of our wedding rings. We love them so much!
 What a handsome man I have!
 What a great day. We're so glad it all worked out so well :)


Brooke Shoko said...

BRE. cute cute cute. you couldn't have picked a better person. and a better family for that matter. hope you guys are having such a great time being newly weds.

Angela said...

Holy Hannah, these are beautiful. You are beautiful. I miss you both.

Melwel said...

Love these....We need to get pics printed and sent to Truman

SamanthaZ said...

Wow. I love the first and second pictures best! Everything about you is perfect! I love your shoes, hair, everything! Oh, and it was nice to see a close up picture of your ring, I realized I had never seen it before.
When should we go on a date?

Si said...

Seriously beautiful photos! love you guys.