Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"I wanna grow old with you"

 Well these past few weeks have been pretty nuts! 
But it's had it's fun moments too-for instance: when Addison and I got a little glimpse into our future with make-up class! 
We're gonna make a cute old couple huh?
Next up, the Briggs family finally had our first girls' night out. It started off when pizza and ice cream in Midway at Cafe' Galleria. Delicious! Then we went to the Homestead in Midway and had ourselves a little sleepover. It was a blast! So many fun memories. I unfortunately had to leave early the next morning, and missed the rest of the day. Stupid tech day! Oh well.

You may also notice...someone got a haircut :) :) :)

In other news.... 
We got accepted to a theatre study abroad there for this summer, and are absolutely ecstatic! I went on the same program in 2009, so I know it will be unforgettable.


Bailee said...

I'm so jealous you two are going to London! I was there about three years ago and I absolutely loved it! Beautiful place.

Super Cute blog, by the way :)

Melwel said...

You are crazy lookin old people.... a glimpse into your future is right. You are happy...and Add is grumpy?? hmmmmm?

TyandMar said...

Loved the GNO!! So much fun. Sad you couldn't stay Saturday...the talks were really really good. Can't wait to see your show! Did you get my text?

Jane Anne and Colby said...

Gah! I hope you have a wonderful time. SOOOO jealous

Anonymous said...

I'm with Melinda on this one. You look like a sweet little old lady! I'm glad we can be besties now and then. Because hello how adorable of an old person are you. And youre gonna have to make up for how grumpy addison looks--hopefully he won't be. Sheesh I didn't know he could look like that ever. Hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Hey I'm trying to create a picture of me and my boyfriend as an old couple just like the one you have, I don't know how? Wanna share your knowledge?

bre and add said...

Dear anonymous,
in this make-up class, we used a "Ben Nye" make-up kit. If you have one of those great-if not, you basically need some kind of dark makeup (dark base, eyeshadow, etc.) and really light. We used the dark to fill in every crease in our face, make all our wrinkles look droopy, and used the light make-up right above the dark. This will make the dark seem more dramatic. I hope this helps! I'm sure there are video tutorials on youtube as well.