Friday, December 30, 2011

my artist.

Man, I love this guy. When I look over and see this, it melts my heart. 
Who doesn't want a handsome artist all to herself?

We've been hearing lately of so many people who are completely qualified for jobs, have all the right degrees, internships, experience and have the hardest time finding employment... it's awful.
It's gotten Addison and I to thinking that maybe our creativity is exactly what this economy needs. Maybe we'll be able to use our creativity to finding the perfect niche out there in the real world?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

my growing family.

on christmas eve, we finally got everyone together to take this picture
can you believe this is the briggs clan?
2 parents
6 kids
6 spouses
14 niblings=
28 :)

Monday, December 26, 2011

a merry little christmas.

We had a successful Christmas this year! Balancing between families and extended families has proven to be an art. With our families in such different stages of life, we were really struck by the cycle of families. For example, my family is in the stage where all of my parents' children have several small kids of their own and are starting their own traditions separately. There are a few of us that still sleep over Christmas Eve and stay up till 12 playing board games, but the majority have expanded beyond. While in Addison's family we are the oldest, first married, all the kids at home (except for the missionary), traditions in full swing. We watched family videos of different stages in our families where the tables were turned for both of us. It was so interesting to think about and to experience the best of both! We began the festivities with my parents coming over to dinner:
Addison made delicious quiche! And we watched "it's a wonderful life"-my absolute favorite.
We have truly been blessed by the Lord these past couple weeks. All of the sudden, Addison has sold 13 of his artdolls! These babies Jesus were a big hit. For reals: a Christmas miracle.
The annual Cole Family bowling party!
We're so excited for our cousins Becca and Casey! They just got engaged :)
V is for victory.
We love our Laila girl.

We didn't even plan the matching baseball tee's!

 Christmas Eve at my family's house was a riot!
Talent show-a little "feliz navidad"!
Best part of the night: Lucy found some...ehh..."lipstick". Yes, she is twirling her hair showing us how pretty she thought the eyeliner was. She got a bit of a shock when she saw herself in the mirror!
Binkie trade?
 Some ninja moves..
 We love our niblings!
We must've done something really great this year, because we got a TV!...first thing we watched on it? "the help", of course! 2 in the morning...we couldn't wait, we were too excited!

We honestly have the best families around. We couldn't ask for more loving, generous, funny, thoughtful people. We love that our best friends are our family members! Thank you all for making this Christmas wonderful. We love you!

happy christmas, love the Welches.

our first Christmas card:

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

happy anniversary to us!

Today's the day! One year ago today, I made the best change of my life. We celebrated the whole weekend:
We saw the lights at temple square.
Santa came to visit!
We got to play with baby char :)
 Made gingerbread houses!
We spent yesterday going to dinner in Midway, seeing "Arthur Chirstmas", and staying at the Zermatt hotel. This was our view this morning!
Breakfast in bed!
Ha! My parents outside the window!
We had such a wonderful weekend. Happy Anniversary honey! 
Best year of my life!