Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Well, dear friends and family, we are back! We apologize for the long hiatus in posting. We had an incredible time in DISNEYLAND and can't believe we've already been married for 2.5 weeks! It's been the best 2.5 weeks of my life, and the absolute best Christmas

Here are some pics of our adventures.
 On the way to the temple, I found this heart in Parley's canyon. It was a sign that it would be the absolute perfect day that it was.

 We got these totally rad pins, and everyone told us congratulations all day.
The castle got lit up in Christmas lights every night and it was breathtaking!

 Toy Story Mania! The newest and most awesome ride-we highly recommend it ;)
 Tower of Terror-twice in a row, thank you please!

 We got a little rain on the last two days-but we got these stylin' ponchos, and great crowd control.
 Dinner at the Blue Bayou-something both of us have always wanted to do. Plus a great recommendation from Jim Christian-the "mint julep". Very tasty! Thank you!
Huzzah for married life-we love it!


Melwel said...

Such fun pics...and I love the heart that was found on the Mountain the day of the wedding....perfect.

TyandMar said...

Such a perfect way to honeymoon Disney style. Just the way we like it! You take after us. :)

SamanthaZ said...

You look SO happy. Now I have a serious Disneyland craving. Oh, and congratulations!!!!

Jessica said...

Bre you are so cute! Congrats again to you two.

PS Disneyland... Great choice!

dave + kirst said...

Ah I'm so experiencing Disneyland withdrawals.... maybe in the fall??? October?