Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy December! (month we get marriaged!)

Well the wedding prep is pretty much done! Just a few small details (like getting pretty wedding gloves to keep me from freezing) left! We had two wedding showers on Saturday, and it was overwelming to say the least! But mostly overwelming how generous family is. It was just incredible! We are so thankful.

Here we are at the first shower at my cousin's house :)
 Then afterwards, we had a wonderful shower at my sister, Kirsten's new home. After a long day, Addison and I were caught "canoodling" while watching Modern Family.

12 more days!
PS...we got the marriage license today. huzzah!


Jennifer said...

You two are just so adorable-I don't feel good about marriage at such a young age most of the time, but you know what? I think this is an incredible alliance you are forging AND knowing both of your beautiful hearts, I believe that you will create something quite magical in this world. All of my love, hopes and prayers for your most incredible life together!

dave + kirst said...

Wow those pictures are amazing... hmmm.... Congrats on the marriage license sista!