Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010

Hey- Addison here. I just had the BEST Christmas of my life!
Being married is my favorite thing EVER.
People kept saying that we wouldn't have any presents because it's our first Christmas- but They were wrong.  We had all of our wedding presents to open, our family and friends were so generous!
And anyways
All I wanted for Christmas was Bre.
We decided to make homemade christmas presents for eachother. Bre sewed two stockings for us to have the rest of our lives.  And I painted her a picture of us holding hands.

I spent Christmas with my in-laws.  We slept there Christmas eve.  
I always thought this would be awkward, But it was great! I love my in-laws.  Bre and I rocked long-john pajamas to celebrate the holiday in style.
Being Married is the best- I love it- I love my wife. She makes life the best! I'm excited to spend a million more Christmases with her!

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savannah said...

yay you wore it!!!! you look good in that!