Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Why, hello

So, confession: I have always wanted to start a blog. Yet, I have always thought that I wouldn't have enough to say, and maybe when I got married I'd have more to say? Ha, maybe that was just a cop out. But today, years later, I find myself just 3 short weeks away from marriage to the most wonderful man I've ever met.

His name is Addi, I love him dearly and this is our blog :) It's almost as if we've claimed a little bit of the universe for our own.

Addison and I get married on December 13th at 10:20 am. I am incredibly excited and can't remember when the time has ever flown by so quickly! Turns out my mother (who is an absolute pro at weddings after planning 5!), Momma Melinda (future in-law) Add, and I are quite the team when it comes to planning. Seriously, we had this thing planned weeks ago, and now we're just working out a couple deats.

                   So this week on the wedding checklist:
                        -send out invites (they're done!)
                        -get our wedding license
                        -fill some picture frames for centerpieces
                        -get some final alterations done on my dress

Wish me luck! loves


Derek Smith said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHH So excited for you guys! I can't even stand it! Reading that makes me so happy for you guys. You are in for such a great ride! It's fantastic.

Melwel said...

Love the pics. love the background. Love the idea of a Bre and Add Blog. Love that you are getting married. The count down paper chain is so short now...good job!

Haylscat said...

WHO's the silly one again? Oh right, its me. I somehow have a feeling, however, that there will be plenty of silliness to be found on this newly minted blog, my sweetness. Hooray for big balloons (that's what she said?) and a double hooray for love!

*DeMeLo HaPpEnInGs* said...

Congrats. I am so excited for you! Wahoo for blogging! I will blog stock you to keep up with your exciting life :)

dave + kirst said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging schvester :)