Tuesday, November 23, 2010

bundled up

ha, so right now, I am home alone. I am fully decked in boots, a sweatshirt, a coat, a scarf, and a hat. School/rehearsals were canceled due to this death storm...and right now I feel like those kids in the movies. Down in their underground shelter beneath the barn to escape the "twister" (think wizard of oz....or the village) waiting for the eye of the storm to find them! It's terribly exciting. It wouldn't have been had I been stuck in it, but since I'm not, I'm kinda giddy :)

Anyway! Down to business: I need your help. So since Add and I are going to be newlyweds for Christmas, we decided that if would be greatly romantic (ok maybe that was just me) and financially responsible of us to make our christmas gifts for each other. While this all sounded like a great idea, now I'm starting to remember how crafty my fiance' is...and that he may be getting a rotten deal out of all of this. ha! Who has ideas!? Any ideas would be so greatly appreciated.
I hope you are all home and safe, curled up with some cocoa tonight. 
Happy Thanksgiving!
Anyone else seeing Tangled?


MCC said...

Meg and I have seen Tangled and loved it. It reminded me of you two.

Melwel said...

Good luck......and good thing he is sentimental, so because he loves you, he will love what ever you give him.

sacdaddy said...

There's always the Kotex Slippers adorned with pennies


Jake and Corinne said...

I WANT TO SEE THAT! Bre I can't believe you're getting married! I'm so excited for you two and the MANY blog posts to come! Isn't it fun?? :)